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IBUK Intranet / Database

Key business benefits:

  • Adaptable and scalable system allows the software to change as the Company grows.
  • Lightweight web interface makes the system easy-to-use and reduces client machine requirements, as well as eliminating deployment issues.
  • Based on standard protocols, systems and software for interoperability with external systems.
  • Replicated to branch office in near real-time, for rapid disaster recovery.

The Internet Bookshop UK is one of Europe's leading sellers of used books through the Internet. They list over 250,000 titles on major sites such as Amazon, ABE and Alibris. The Company handles over 1000 orders per week on average, with over 15 staff working constantly to provide prompt service and customer satisfaction.

In 2003, Currer Web Consulting designed and implemented an integrated, web-based, system to handle all inventory, order processing, shipping and accounting within the Company. Working with IBUK, Currer Web have reliably supported, and continously improved and added features to the system to adapt to the changing market conditions of the online book selling industry.

Since deployment, the system has been expanded to be used at multiple locations, and Currer Web have implemented a live backup system to ensure that even in the worst case scenario of a complete server disaster at the main office, the business will be able to get back online and processing orders from their satellite offices with no more than 5 minutes of work lost.