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Wildlife World wildweb

Key business benefits:

  • Centralised data store - no paper trail
  • Packing system cuts errors by ensuring all staff are working from the same information
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface makes using the system easy, with minimal training
  • Barcoding system is usable even by non-computer-literate staff
  • Much easier to collate data for management statistics, trends etc.

Wildlife World is a rapidly growing wildlife product manufacturer, currently employing approximately 10 staff, and specialising in products such as nesting boxes for birds, and habitats and feeders for all manner of wildlife species. They are also a very environmentally friendly company, using FSC certified wood for construction, and energy sourced from renewable sources.

Before Currer Web Consulting got involved, Wildlife World were processing all their orders, handling inventory, and managing all other business processes on paper, with the exception of their accounts, which were handled by Quickbooks software. There were many problems caused by this approach, including inflexibility in order handling, as well as frequent mistakes through loss or lack of information, often resulting in significant financial losses for the Company.

Currer Web Consulting undertook a project to work with Wildlife World to computerise the entire order handling and packing workflow of the company. This began with the design and implementation of a central database, known as 'wilddata', to contain all company data, based on Microsoft SQL Server. A web-based interface, called 'wildweb', runs atop this database to provide an easy-to-use but versatile interface for administration and management staff.

There is also a packing system, aka 'wildmobile', based on mobile handheld barcode scanners, which allows non-computer literate packing operatives to pack orders accurately and update the status of these orders in the main database, all simply by scanning barcodes. Finally, to support these activities, Currer Web Consulting procured and deployed a server and networking platform, 'wildnet', along with a mesh wireless network to cover the entire site.

Throughout the design and deployment of this project, Currer Web Consulting worked closely with the Wildlife World team to produce an entirely bespoke solution specifically suited to the working practices of the users. We are looking forward to enhancing the system in the future, with a view to integrating and updating the Wildlife World website with the new system, as well as using the existing hardware assets to set up a full stock control system, integrating the Quickbooks accounting system, and hooking up with the web services offered by the delivery firms used by Wildlife World to fully automate the workflow of an order.